martes, diciembre 06, 2005

Entertainment Industry claiming rights to spy our privacy.

There are several informations in the Internet dealing with the pretension of the Entertainment Industry to achieve unlimited access to our private communications with the excuse of fighting piracy in the Internet.

Hit here to get the letter of the lobby that claims for this intromision in our privacy.

I believe that they might be seeking more obscure goals with this initiative. I am only guessing, but after all, this kind of open war against citizens around the world might be aimed to control what we listen, whata we see, what we buy in order to control the way we think. Also it’s clearly a good way to increase their sales by spying our habits in the Internet.

Besides any of these considerations, systematic violation of our privacy elemental rights is one of the worse dangers we are facing together with the DRM implementation plans. It’s kind of Orwellian. The defensors of extreme copyright have opened the Pandora’s box without knowing the kind of reaction citizens might have. After all, we are learning to read, to think and to get informed out from their traditional controled media. And we are getting angry too.

Now politicians have to take party in this “not by the citizens desired” war. They have to either represent the ones who have elected them or risk their carriers by supporting an industry that’s unable to admit that the digital world has changed the way culture should be shared. And this happens when they realice they have no more convincing arguments to defend full copyrights. They need to change laws to force people to do what they want us to do.

I belive we are mature enogh to face this new menace and hope common sense will finally prevail.

Here is the letter we are sending to our representatives, with some other interesting links, like the email directions from our politicians.


(to Put here name and surname)


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Dear Sir/Lady,

As a citizen, I am concerned to see that our representatives in the European Parliament are passing security measures relating to international terrorism that could affect our freedom, by providing instruments for police control that invade our privacy under minimum suspicion. They also seem to be regulations that are paving the way for this to occur and our legislators appear to be determined to adopt a philosophy that forsakes the guarantees that are the cornerstone of our fundamental and democratic rights, all of which we are being told are in the interests of our security.

We are perturbed by the possibilities you are creating for our privacy to be threatened and our freedom significantly jeopardised, in a diverse society that is managed by a wide range of regional governments throughout Europe. Freedom is an extremely valuable asset.

A perfect illustration is the recent news in the media of the proposals you have received from large corporations intent on making a profit for private interests: the press reveals that large record companies are endeavouring to use the data from our recorded communications for their own benefit, according to the provisions approved by the Anti-Terrorism Civil Rights Committee, and that they have requested the authority to do so in a letter to each Member of the European Parliament. You must not grant such authority in any way, as it would undoubtedly result in a direct attack on the rights of European citizens. If you allow corporate powers to intrude in our private lives, how can you defend the argument that it was done to protect us? How can we trust you if you allow this to happen?

As a represented citizen, I have a right to make a request, just as private companies do, and therefore humbly urge you to consider the concerns expressed in this letter. The legitimacy of the problems posed by private proposals to abuse the unfortunate international situation brought about by a tragic loss of human life in order to gain access to private information for personal profit is supported by the fact that the undersigned would receive no political-financial gain whatsoever.

I trust and implore you to accept my invitation to firmly and conclusively oppose the pressure being placed on our leaders, in order to assure our society that the information may only be used in specific cases of terrorism.

Yours Sincerely,

(Signature and Identity Nº)

Emails addresses of Members of European Parliament.

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